I'm handing you my Personal Blueprint to become...
The Most Profitable Makeup Artist In Your Area In The Next 12 Months or Less!
Even if you’ve never landed a paying client before!...

From The Desk of Lauren D'Amelio Ventre

Dear Friend & MUA, 

If you have ever dreamed of making an amazing living as a Makeup Artist…

Ya' know the kind where you get to pick and choose when you work and who you work with.

Where appreciative clients reach deep in their pockets and gladly hand over top dollar for your services before they sing your praises and tell all their friends about you.

A business where those who doubted you... now look up to you for the successful and savvy business person you've become.

Well if that sounds like the kind of business you want... then you’re in luck!

Because I'm about to hand you…

A Simple Step by Step Blueprint To Building The High Paying MUA Business Of Your Dreams 

What's even cooler...

Is my Blueprint works regardless of your current experience, business results or even the competition in your area!

I know that's a bold promise, but you don't have to take my word for it.  Check out what previous students have to say about my training.

"This class is the best I've ever taken"

"I learned so many new techniques"

"everything exceeded my expectations"

Now it's your turn!  I invite you to join my brand new...
Elite MUA Blueprint 
Virtual Training Course

14 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

If you go through the material and don't feel you'll get way more than your money's worth when you implement.  Simply email theartofenhancement@gmail.com and we'll issue you a full refund.
Here's Everything You Get When You Join My New "Elite MUA Blueprint" Training Program

MODULE 1: Elite MUA Knowledge

($497 Value)

  • Master my MUA Knowledge Spectrum and become a wildly confident MUA that can meet the needs of any client in any setting!
  • Product science secrets that eliminate the most difficult make up malfunctions so you can achieve flawless application that outlasts any event.
  • ​How to determine the most effective products that produce the best possible results on each of the 5 key skin types every MUA has to work with.
  • ​An A-Z breakdown of an Elite MUA’s Kit Essentials that assures you’ve got every product and tool you need and saves you money by preventing unnecessary purchases
  • ​Color Theory Secrets that easily eliminate unwanted undertones and perfectly highlight your clients best features
  • ​6 timeless looks (each from their own decade) that every Elite MUA must know to be versatile enough to meet the needs of top tier clients.

MODULE 2: Elite MUA Status

($797 Value)

  • How to use my 3 Step Status Ladder to rise above the competition to reach Elite MUA Status regardless of your current experience!
  • Learn my Signature Look step by step in a professionally produced 2 hours artistry tutorial. (I’ll even let your borrow my look while teaching you how to develop your own)
  • ​The 3 best strategies to quickly land collaborations that expand your network, boost experience, skyrocket exposure and build major credibility. 
  • ​You’ll get my word for word “Collaboration Script” so you know exactly what to say to top notch providers and compel them to collaborate with you. 
  • ​I’ll walk you through a detailed pricing tutorial with real life examples of my Profit First Pricing Formula in action, so you can confidently set your premium price and never undercharge again!

MODULE 3: Elite MUA Trial & Booking

($797 Value)

  • A fill in the blank script that turns inquiries into trials and guarantees potential clients won’t try to bargain with you later on.
  • A deep dive into my P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Trial Framework that gets trial appointments begging to book you at top dollar!  
  • ​Conversation Secrets that create a real personal connection with your potential clients (use these secrets and booking you will feel like they’re inviting you as a friend and welcomed guest to their big event)
  • ​3 crucial steps to closing out your trial that guarantee you get a positive post trial response from your potential client.
  • ​One key communication that creates “booking desire” within your client and compels an urgent commitment from them without feeling salesy or pushy.!

MODULE 4: Elite MUA Event Execution

($597 Value)

  • Learn the P4 Event Cycle that turns every event you do into a source of referrals that create reliable and consistent growth in your business 
  • My exact “Day Before Ritual” that guarantees you wake up confident, stress free and ready to over deliver at the big event!
  • ​Professional lighting tips that turn ANY event environment into a studio quality work setting without spending 1000’s on expensive equipment 
  • ​One simple instruction to give in the first 15 minutes at an event that assures you get paid on time without having to awkwardly chase down money or hang around for hours too long.
  • ​Timing secrets that turn the most chaotic bunch into your biggest helpers who work with you to keep things running smoothly and on schedule. 
  • ​3 ways to turn a single event into the ultimate promotion tool that attracts new clients & boosts referrals while making your existing client feel extra special!

MODULE 5: Elite MUA Client Attraction

($797 Value)

  • Simple every day steps to grab major attention for your MUA business and get remembered without pursuing people or being salesly.
  • The best ways to attract clients offline without wasting 1000’s on old school marketing and time sucking bridal shows!  
  • ​7 Irresistible IG Posts every MUA should be using to grow a wildly engaged audience and turn them into high paying clients
  • ​A widely effective Social Media content plan that maximizes your exposure across all platforms and takes just 30 Minutes a day
  • ​Get a special training from my personal marketing expert. He’ll teach you the YouTube secrets he used to generate over 3 Million Free Views.
  • ​My assistant Christopher is going to walk you step by step through what’s working right now to attract followers and clients on TikTok

MODULE 6: Elite MUA Business Mastery

($497 Value)

  • Get my personal goal setting map so you can craft a clear achievable vision of your ideal life and business.
  • Learn where and how to set up your ideal business entity so you can protect yourself while winning the tax game.
  • ​How to get an Elite MUA website built that has you look like a pro to potential clients (even if you’re on a shoe string budget)
  • ​Keys to growing an team of highly skilled artists that can help you on big jobs and take on overflow to make you money while you’re not working
  • ​My “Go-To” tools, resources and services that meet all your business needs without wasting money on high priced service providers that often underdeliver.
  • ​And so much more!

6 Group Coaching Archive Recordings

6 Group Coaching Archive Recordings

Learn from these 6 recorded group coaching sessions I held with MUA's who asked tons of questions you'd likely love answers to.

($497 Value)

This course has a total value of...


But you can get lifetime access when you Join Today for the Special Promotion Price of just...


Or 3 Monthly Payments of $397

14 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

If you go through the material and don't feel you'll get way more than your money's worth when you implement.  Simply email theartofenhancement@gmail.com and we'll issue you a full refund.
I Want To Help You Become The Most Profitable MUA InYour Area As Fast As Possible...So I Added These Additional Bonuses You'll Receive For FREE When You Join Today!

BONUS #1: The Elite MUA's P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Trial Cheatsheet

Follow this step-by-step Cheat Sheet to assure you nail every single step of my P.E.R.F.E.C.T. trial and turn more trials into paying clients starting now!

($197 Value)

BONUS #2: The Elite MUA's Email Template Bundle

The 8 "Must Have" follow up emails I use in my business. These exact word for word emails can be quickly modified and made your own!

($197 Value)

BONUS #3: The Elite MUA's Contract Bundle

Get a copy of every single contract I use in my personal business and modify them to meet your needs! 

($147 Value)

BONUS #4: The Elite MUA's Makeup Kit Checklist

Follow this complete checklist to assure you're ready to deliver flawless artistry and execution for your clients with zero stress! 

($97 Value)

BONUS #5: The Elite MUA's Big Day Scheduling Guide

Use this resource to set guidelines and keep every event you do on schedule so your event run smoothly and stress free leading to happy clients!

($97 Value)

BONUS #6: The Elite MUA's Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Save Time & Money by enjoying:
  • Exclusive discount codes to some of my favorite brands.
  • When and where to buy products to get the most bang for your buck.
  • A Full List of the best website's  for artist discounts.
  • ​The exact products I use for my signature look

($197 Value)

I've even added a...


The Elite MUA's Guide To Social Media Ads

My personal marketing expert is going to teach you how to land directly in the news feeds of your ideal clients for pennies, so you can generate more leads & bookings whenever you want!

($1997 Value)

Here's A Recap of Everything You Get When You Join My
Elite MUA Blueprint
Virtual Training Course
 Module 1: Elite MUA Knowledge ($497 Value)
 Module 2: Elite MUA Status ($797 Value)
 Module 3: Elite MUA Trial & Booking ($797 Value)
Module 4: Elite MUA  Event Execution ($597 Value)
 Module 5: Elite MUA Client Attraction ($797 Value)
 Module 6: Elite MUA Business Mastery ($497 Value)
 6 Group Coaching Archive Recordings  ($497 Value)
Plus These Amazing Bonuses
 BONUS 4: Elite MUA's P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Trial Cheatsheet ($197 Value)
 BONUS 3: Elite MUA's Email Template Bundle ($197 Value)
 BONUS 2: Elite MUA's Contract Bundle ($147 Value)
 BONUS 5: Elite MUA's Makeup Kit Check-list ($97 Value)
 BONUS 1: Elite MUA's Big Day Scheduling Guide ($97 Value)
 BONUS 6: Elite MUA's Ultimate Buyer's Guide ($197 Value)
Mega Bonus
 The Elite MUA’s Guide to Social Media Ads ($1,997 Value)
This course now has a total value of...


But you can get lifetime access when you Join Today for the Special Promotion Price of just...


Or 3 Monthly Payments of $397

14 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

If you go through the material and don't feel you'll get way more than your money's worth when you implement.  Simply email theartofenhancement@gmail.com and we'll issue you a full refund.
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